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Meet your team

The team of educators who have come together to support Anti-Ableist Teaching know that collaboration is key to inclusive environments. Team members, committed to promoting Disability Studies in Education and/or Disability Justice, have built content for teacher leaders to use in their practice and to share with colleagues. Team members have also worked to make the content and website accessible.


Suzanne Stolz

A vital part of inclusion is questioning conceptions of disability. In an inclusive and just community, those of us who claim disability as part of our identities will shape and define our own lives.


Maya Kalyanpur

This initiative provides opportunity to articulate the deep-seated, often taken-for-granted mainstream American values that underlie inclusive education policy and practice to culturally diverse families and educators so they can navigate the special education system collaboratively.


Sara M. Acevedo 

Students benefit enormously from engaging  with and learning from disabled grassroots leaders as they contribute their time and skills to supporting community-led projects in tandem with their academic study.

Diana Photo.BMP

Diana Pastora Carson

As an elementary educator, I know that teaching inclusively requires an understanding of the why and how of inclusion and commitment for creating truly inclusive environments for all students. This project gives the why and the how, leading to the commitment students need from us.


Aja McKee

I want teachers to understand that disability rights are civil rights and that all individuals, regardless of disability, have the right to be educated alongside their non-disabled peers. I want the next generation of teachers to implement inclusive education because they believe it to be the right thing to do.


Toni Saia

If you are not at the table, you are on the menu and disabled people should not only be at the table but fully participating and leading the charge.


Marisa Kofke

Learning about DSE and Neurodiversity changed everything about how I view disability and inclusion.  Let's engage in actively listening to disabled people, this includes disabled students, and respect that they are the experts of their experiences.


Dr. Pau

I do my best to be in solidarity with fellow students, staff, faculty, and community members supporting an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and comfy, cozy, community centered world for all in and out of education spaces.


Ankit Shah

As an educator, it gives me an enormous amount of joy when I see everyone is included in my classroom, and they thrive together. The leaders for inclusion project allows me to develop capacity, connect with peers, and share my learning with everyone.

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