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Learning Modules

The Disability Studies in Education (DSE) learning modules invite teacher leaders to continue their own learning. Many of the modules offer content that was previously hosted on a DSE website at Chapman University.


Module topics can help teachers gain better understanding of what Disability Studies in Education is and to reflect on their own classroom practice. In considering the various ways disability is conceptualized in schools, we find that the social model of disability is an asset-based model that can lead to deeper understanding. In learning more about the social aspects of disability, considering the nuances of language and confront a history of struggle, including the reality of American eugenics and the use of segregation as a teaching strategy. The movement to recognize neurodiversity illustrates resistance to eugenics with an asset-based framing of humanity.

While theoretical and historical modules provide grounding and reason for promoting inclusive practice, other modules offer content on pedagogy, new approaches to building community, to providing individualized instruction, and more.

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